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Embrace the new

Changing from, changing towards

What we change towards is as important as what we change from. I am practicing Lent for the first time in many years, and using Sarah Bessey’s Field Notes as a guide. She wrote an essay that emphasised the desired behaviour. She encouraged her readers to pay attention to behaviour they want, rather than what they are doing now. Here is an extract from the essay: Turning away from social media and turning towards inviting a friend over. Turning away from panic and

Behind the scenes while we were recording the course content

Behind the scenes – Recording Cracking the Change Code.101 course

Our first time on camera: Jeremy Barty (right) and Reyer Meihuizen (front). Guided by Chris Kunz (left) from Shed Studios and Candy Preston (second left) from Cherish Productions. When the solution is right in front of you Cracking the Change Code.101 emerged during a planning session last year. MyCube4Change has been a journey of nearly 20 years. Although the change framework has been used successfully in many large corporate change situations, the