We make change happen by supporting companies, teams and individuals as they tackle behaviour change and authentic transformation. We have a proven, practical methodology which is complemented by our cost effective and scalable chatbot Bloom.

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Change Course – Learn How You Can Crack The Change Code Now

Cracking the change code.101

In this 2 hour learning experience (or change course) you will better understand how change works and your ability to embrace it. You will learn to use the MyCube4Change map and the digital coach Bloom, to help you successfully and sustainably navigate change.

What's so important about change?

Our work and society continue to shift at an ever increasing pace. Industrialisation has increased production and efficiency at scale, yet too often has discounted the human factor; what we humans need to thrive. It is time we have a “change revolution”; shifting our thinking, empowering ourselves and embracing healthy change.

Is there something in your life that you need to shift, yet you have struggled to do so? Or you simply just don’t get around to it? Despite best intentions, nothing changes?

Does your team need a map to help them through change? A way to move from intention to action?

MyCube4Change and Coach Bloom offer a way to navigate change.

MyCube4Change – MC4C for short – takes the mess and unseen resistance of change and provides an easy to follow roadmap, to move from a place where you are, to a place you want to be.

It guides you through the journey of change, inspiring deep reflection and commitment to action. It brings order and direction, and creates greater commitment to the desired change.

It is a powerful reflection tool, built to help you unlock the change that you and your team need.

And what’s even better, Bloom uses MyCube4Change to be your very own digital change coach, 24×7.

When you press the pause button on a machine, it stops. But when you press the pause button on human beings they start – you start to reflect, you start to rethink your assumptions, to imagine what is possible and reconnect with your most deeply held beliefs.” (Dov Seidman)

Learning Journey

What can you expect from this course?

During this learning experience we will take you on a journey of self reflection; of learning how to move from intention to action.

Key transformations

What outcomes and benefits can you expect?
  • Learn more about the mechanics of change.
  • Learn how to use the MyCube4Change system to successfully navigate a necessary shift.
  • 2 hours of self-paced sessions in a practical, experiential learning environment.
  • Grow the muscle that delivers new and better behaviours, developing a pattern of achievement to help you reach your potential.
  • Learn and practice the complex steps of the change process to achieve your desired behaviour.
  • Experience how Bloom can support you as your digital change coach.
  • Feel empowered to face future challenges.
  • Join a community of learners seeking to grow and thrive.
  • Be a part of the change revolution!

Focus areas

What we will cover in the course


  • Welcome

  • Introduction

  • The course journey

  • Guidelines for cracking change

  • Your course workbook

  • Quiz

Experience change

  • What’s a change cycle?

  • Choosing a change topic

  • Worksheet: Choosing a change topic

  • Experience a change cycle

  • Quiz


  • Your MyCube4Change manual

  • Value and meaning

  • The value statement

  • Worksheet: The value statement

  • The hand of value

  • Worksheet: The hand of value

  • How it all works together

  • Quiz

Dimensions and levers of change

  • Dimensions and levers of change

  • The MC4C framework

  • Worksheet: Dimensions and levers of change

  • Accountability (the 10th lever)

  • Worksheet: Accountability

  • Quiz

Changeability assessment

  • What is changeability?

  • Complete your own assessment online

  • Unpacking your assessment result

  • Worksheet: Changeability

  • Quiz

Introduction to your digital change coach

  • Meet Bloom

  • Digital versus paper

  • Log into Bloom

  • Using Bloom to do a change cycle

  • Action and accountability

  • Specific features of Bloom

  • Practical: Experience a change cycle on Bloom

  • Quiz


  • Recap what you have learnt

  • Where to from here?

  • Feedback

  • Wrap up

Value and Price

Let’s talk about value

The full value of this learning and experience package is well over US$200.

However we really want to make this accessible to all, so it is now available for only US$11.99 per month!

Value adds

Included on your subscription fee
Your personal changeability assessment

Get insights into your own changeability.

Subscription to Bloom

Your own your digital change coach, Bloom.

Available 24×7, anytime, anywhere.

MyCube4Change handbook

Download your own copy of the electronic handbook on how to do change with the MyCube4Change method.

Don't miss out!

Now from only $11.99 / month


What are some of the possible applications?

Coach yourself – individual reflection tool to help you coach yourself and achieve personal breakthroughs!

Coach others – a simple method to help you coach your peers or staff.

Wellness tool – helping your staff to help themselves.

Organisational change management, for example: Culture shifts, technology implementation, operating model changes, mergers and acquisitions.

Learning & development – as a change enabler, providing a common language and approach.

For coaches and psychologists – as a supporting tool to the work you do.


Maybe you still have some questions?

Who is this course for?

Do you feel stuck and unable to navigate change… unsure of how?

Is your team needing a map to help them through change?

Are you looking for a wellness solution for your team?

Then this is right for you!

Who or what is Bloom?

Bloom is your digital change agent. It is a change bot, helping you and your team to work through change at affordable scale.

Your individual learning journey includes 3 months of interaction with Bloom at no additional cost (6 months for team version), and there is no requirement to continue using Bloom beyond this period.

What if I am not happy with my purchase?

If you are not satisfied at any point before the completion, we will gladly refund your subscription fee.

When and how long is this?

It is a self-paced 2 hour online experience which you can start and complete in your own timeframe

How can I pay?

You can pay online via PayPal or credit card or directly with us via EFT.

For high volume purchases or if you are unable to pay online via PayPal, get in touch with us for details on how you can pay via EFT.

How confidential is the information that I share?


Everything you share with Bloom, both for assessments and reflection sessions, is strictly private and confidential and is anonymized within the dataset.


Find out more about your course facilitators.

No risk

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

If you are not entirely satisfied at any point within 14 days of your purchase, we will gladly cancel your subscription  and refund your fee.


What our clients will tell you.

A final word

We are passionate about and driven to help others to navigate change and to transform their lives.

If you are reading this, we are guessing you are looking for help to shift or improve something in your life, or the life of someone you value.

We are so excited for you to join us on this journey, as we empower you to embrace change and to thrive.

Let’s make change happen together!

Yours in life,
Jeremy, Reyer and the team at MyCube4Change

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