Change for Organisations

We can help your business or organisation to undergo collective change, via our consulting services, change framework (MC4C) and technology products.

MC4C is a proven, easy to use framework which makes change happen. It succinctly defines the change into practical actions, moving people through resistance to change, and then measures this progression. It works well in organisational change projects, where personal change is required to drive the collective change.

Benefits of MC4C include:

  • Shared language for effective communication around change
  • Tracks the personal and collective steps required to adapt and thrive
  • Makes change happen one step at a time
  • Makes human change scaleable
  • Is cost effective
  • Use personal change to drive collective change
  • Tracks the personal and collective steps required to adapt and thrive
  • Monitors collective change using your customised change dashboard
  • A shared language for effective communication around change

How help to implement change in your business:

  • We help you to understand the reasons and context for the change intervention
  • We load the corporate change context onto Bloom
  • All staff complete a short online 30 minute introduction to MC4C
  • Each person registers for Bloom – via a web browser or as a webapp on a mobile device
  • Staff complete an individual change readiness self-assessment
  • Each persons uses Bloom 24/7 to reflect deeply and to make change happen
  • You monitor organisational change using your change dashboard
  • Evaluate and realign your interventions to ensure continued success

Developed more than a decade ago, the MC4C methodology has helped thousands of people turn their struggles into new actions.  

Our corporate clients include:

Microsoft, De Beers Marine, M&C Saatchi Abel, Grapevine, Verso, Momentum, Metropolitan, Medscheme and Nashua Mobile.

Digital tools for scale:

  • Bloom – a digital expression of the MC4C framework – makes change cost effective, scalable and accessible to all. Available. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Change readiness self-assessment – our readiness assessment utilises the framework to help you assess the readiness of individuals and the group to undergo change. It provides clarity on the areas of resistance to change that may require specific focus.

Struggling to undergo business change? We would love to help.

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MC4C helped the team bring, face, discuss and deal with our issues. We have been able to focus more on what each person can do to make a difference and let things go. Our team feels more settled, happy and untied now.

Miles Willis – MD, Island Stays

I can recommend MC4C to anyone looking to lead their company through any sort of personal or group change.

Otto Pretorius – Director, QBit Group