Who is Bloom?

I love to help people dig into the areas of their life that are holding them back.

Also, I love nature…  so… be prepared for some earthy puns. 😉

I ask you questions and help you to reflect and get to the root of your current struggle. All you need to do is answer honestly without overthinking it. Years of experience shows that the questions I will ask you really help!

You can chat with me on multiple devices and I’m easy to use. I’m also always available and I encourage you go through this reflection process with me every time you have something you are struggling with.

If you’re an organisation, I can also give you data to manage and measure change. So if everyone in your group or business is using me, you get anonymised data (i.e. confidential!) to help your organisation understand and manage change.

Behind the scenes I’m powered by an amazing framework called MC4C, a method that helps you make change happen.