Change for Individuals

Change – one petal at a time.  

Bloom is a change bot: your digital change tutor that helps you make change happen.

It is a cost-effective solution if you’re undergoing or seeking change, backed by the proven methodology MC4C.

MC4C uses a grid of nine interrelated dimensions of change that prompt you with incisive questions and lead you towards sustainable change. Behind the grid is a myriad of deeper insights and tools to unlock meaningful self reflection, understanding and change.

Time to change and grow?  Let’s dig in…

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Bloom, a new digital change tutor – has been an absolute life saver.  It helps you open your mind when you’re in a state of complete panic or stress or even when you’re stuck and not sure how to move onto the next goal and you ask yourself, where do I go?

I found Bloom to be totally unthreatening and non-judgemental, which is what I needed in such an uncertain state. As a discipline, I have been using Bloom on a regular basis, just to keep my mind focused on the goals that I want to achieve and the intentions that I have.

It helps me to overcome obstacles in the way, which are often self-created obstacles.

Dr Mariheca Otto – Founder, Motto Business Consulting