We make change happen by supporting companies, teams and individuals as they tackle behaviour change and authentic transformation. We have a proven, practical methodology which is complemented by our cost effective and scalable chatbot Bloom.

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MyCube4Change (Pty) Ltd

315 The Studios, Old Castle Brewery Building, 6 Beach Road, Woodstock, 7925, South Africa.

Mobile: +27-84-8947394

Email: info@mycube4change.com


We are experts in behavior change and authentic transformation.

We can help you in the following ways:


Change Consulting

We are a people change management practice, specialising in behaviour change and authentic transformation. We help your team to navigate the inevitable change that happens in business and life.



For coaches, facilitators and change practitioners wanting to use a practical methodology for behaviour change, we offer training and certification in the MyCube4Change methodology.


My Changeability Assessment

Do you know if you or your team are ready and wired for change?
What are your strong areas and what aspects of change may be tripping you up?
We can help you find out.



Bloom is our change bot, delivering the MC4C methodology at affordable scale.
Bloom can be used on its own or integrated with the results from other individual assessment tools.

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