We make change happen by supporting companies, teams and individuals as they tackle behaviour change and authentic transformation. We have a proven, practical methodology which is complemented by our cost effective and scalable chatbot Bloom.

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A proven support system for behaviour change

A digital toolset for managing change

We are experts in behavior change and authentic transformation.

Our digital application can support you or your team in the following ways:


How ready are you or your to team embrace and manage change?
What are your strong areas and what aspects of change may be tripping you up?

Assess your own and/or your team’s readiness for change.

Digital Coaching

Bloom is your very own digital change coach.

Available. Anytime. Anywhere.

It can be used on its own or integrated with the results of other assessment tools.


For any individual or team seeking change, we offer a concise learning experience that will empower you to take action.

MyCube4Change is a method for change, helping you to navigate the journey. Cracking The Change Code.101 will introduce you to this method.

Change for anyone


As an individual you need change in some area of your life and seek help in achieving a meaningful shift. This could be in any area from wellness to your relationships.

MyCube4Change will be your path, via coach Bloom.


As a group of people with a common goal (a business team, spiritual group, or any other collective), you seek help in navigating change together.

Bloom can help.


As a business, institution or organisation, change is a constant reality. You seek a common language and approach that will allow your organisation to embrace this change; a method for change.

MyCube4Change is that tool, Bloom will be your guide.


3 Tools, One Application

From only $11.99 / month
Come join us on a unique online learning, assessment and coaching experience

Your Why

Robust Methodology

What is your method for change?

Since 2005, the MyCube4Change (MC4C) framework has helped thousands of people turn their struggles into new actions. 


Are you, your team or your clients ready for change? 

Complete our Changeability Assessment and find out!

Scalable & Affordable

How do you achieve a broader reach?

Effective for 1… or for 1 thousand!

Achieve affordable scale without losing the personal touch.

Strategic Partnerships

How could you better support your clients to navigate change?

We enable coaches, facilitators and change practitioners to be more effective.

Our Why

We love helping people to grow and find meaning.

We are a team who are passionate about authentic change, supported by the MyCube4Change method and AI technology.

Achieve meaningful change

with our integrated people & technology solution

Chat to us about your unique change needs, or for a free demo of Bloom

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