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Avoiding change: The idea of change is not change

Avoiding change: Change is a reality, don't fool yourself!
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Why do we find ourselves avoiding change?

We have three key starting points when it comes to change:  change is not an idea; change happens in small steps; and it is best done together.

I was chatting to a colleague about an executive team that is trying to please and include everyone in decision making.  While this sounds very honorable, it might be a convenient way of avoiding change.

Avoiding change

Change is not an idea and the idea of change is not change! In my experience, we avoid change by talking about it, planning for it, yet seldom doing it. It’s a safer option, but it won’t help your organisation or the individuals actually change.

It is an action. A step-by-step series of small wins that are both practical and measurable.

So, avoidance or resistance to change shows up frequently in the preparation for change. Sure, there is some work you can do to prepare for change, yet ultimately change is risk and action.

Although you need to understand why and what you’re going to change, we specifically love to help you embrace the how.  You change by changing, not thinking about change.

Change is risk

Many leaders have the misguided belief that to change you must understand and have control before you move. Over the last 20 years of working in change I have found this to be a dangerous trap. All change is risk and any need to control and understand hypothetical scenarios holds almost no weight . It is a series of small practical, accountable steps; when joined together, these are the change.

Consider: are you stuck in conversations, trying to get everything “right” before you start? Perhaps you are unconsciously resistant to change.

Take the first step

So take the first step or next step. Risk a little and take a small action. You will then be in the process of change, avoiding natural resistance.

Bloom (our digital change helper) helps you to DO the change.

Visit www.mc4c.org or contact me at jeremy@mycube4change.com

Photo credit: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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